Slimful of S**t

I’d say pardon my language, but I think it’s appropriate. While I was watching TV I saw a commercial for a product called Slimful. It’s one of those hunger bars that fill your stomach so you don’t eat as much. I hate those products but they usually don’t bother me this much. The problem was that the woman on the commercial was talking about how she found the secret to weight loss and that is “eating less”. I almost screamed. The secret to losing weight is not just taking in less calories, it completely depends on what those calories that you are taking in consist of. All of those products out there that teach eating less, eating premade meals, or premeasured smoothies are absolutely missing the point of teaching people to eat healthy. They are learning to only eat what is in the box or in the wrapper and not what foods will actually lead to health and weight loss. I hate thinking of the Paleo lifestyle as a weight loss tool. I like to think of it as shedding all of those pounds of processed foods that you’ve been eating to get back to the size you’re supposed to be. It’s not for the person who thinks losing 10 pounds in a week is attainable, and shouldn’t be used for that purpose. Eating clean, whole foods, ingredients that you can see and pronounce. Eating less just doesn’t do it. Ignoring snack time doesn’t do it. It’s about making health conscious choices with every food you eat. I hate this “everything in moderation” idea behind a lot of the mainstream diet programs. Moderation should be a cheat meal every few weeks, not a little bit of pasta every night. Americans are never going to learn how to eat healthy until they learn what is in their food and what it is doing to their bodies.

That was my rant for the day. Gym time.

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31 Responses to Slimful of S**t

  1. MOM says:

    Love your rant!!! I just gave nutrition advice. What is the maximum grams of sugar we should consume on one day? It is 25-30 right?

  2. Lauren says:

    On one hand I agree with you, but really lifestyle goes along way. I have been eating pasta every night, but I have incorporated lots of cardio and trying to eat fruits and vegetables and I have still been losing weight! I do only measure out 2-3 ounces of pasta, though, so I might be more restrictive than most people.

    • Samantha C. says:

      That’s great that you found something that works for you! The most important part is that you’re acknowledging what you’re putting in your body and not relying on some fad diet product.

    • says:

      I agree with you Lauren moderation goes along way Americans first need to reduce caloric intake and at the same time ease in healthy choices, look we are not stupid people we are aware that we eat bad things and we are making ourselves fat but change happens in phases not over night.

      • Samantha C. says:

        The only problem that I have with moderation (because I definitely am not afraid of a cheat meal) is that we’re not taught what food really does to our bodies, so using moderation along with a standard American diet (low fat-high carb), people are still consuming a lot of sugar which is causing them to be unhealthy and gain weight in the first place. It’s definitely not an overnight process, but it’s about really taking the time to learn what we’re eating and how it’s affecting us.

  3. Amber R R says:

    Actually I don’t completely agree with you. Calories in = Calories out. Period. You can eat your daily calories in twinkies and still maintain weight. It IS an excellent idea that you put the healthier foods in your body (and I appreciate that is your stand), but it is not required to lose weight. If I cut back to 1200 calories a day – and take that in nothing but Snickers bars – I’ll still lose weight. Granted – not in a Healthy way – but I WILL lose weight…. It does Not matter what you eat to lose weight – just that you eat Less Calories than you Burn in a day.

    • Samantha C. says:

      The problem is that you might lose weight initially but you’d actually gain weight in the long run. Science has actually disproven that theory that all calories are equal.

      • Derek D. says:

        This is 100% accurate. Look into a documentary called “The Skinny on Obesity.” It discusses how sugar re-wires our brains and that it tricks our body into thinking we are still hungry, which in turn causes people to over-eat. A calorie is a calorie is just plain wrong.

      • Samantha C. says:

        Also, the book Why We Get Fat. Very easy read and great information! I have to look for that documentary, thanks!

  4. John L. says:

    Actually that is incorrect to assert that all calories aren’t equal. A calorie is simply a unit of measurement. One calorie of chips has the same energy constant as one calorie of carrots. However, the nutrient density as well as the caloric density of the said food needs to be considered when talking about weight loss. Although, while I do agree that in the long run, the substitution of the prepackaged meals/meal replacements is not necessarily the best, it is a start for many American families and individuals to curb their reliance on the super saturated, highly caloric fast food meals.

    • Samantha C. says:

      There is the idea of diet-induced thermogenesis that makes some types of calories (protein for example) harder for the body to digest and it actually requires more energy to be expended to take up that calorie. But I do agree that those pre-packaged meals are definitely a good start for some people. Those are better options than these weird products like Slimful, or that one where you shake a powder onto your food, that are supposed to make you eat less. That’s not really teaching anyone how to be healthy. Maybe portion control, but that’s it (if they even work).

      • John L. says:

        Well in this instance look at people who rely on such products as those that line the shelves of GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and other supplement sales businesses. In this case, something which requires a great deal of energy and water to digest and remove from the system is better then gulping down pills which are non-regulated, and have few applicable purity standards.

        In addition, the Slimful website makes no real claim that these are meant to replace meals. Instead, they are meant to help certain individuals (such as those who have impulse control issues) to regulate the amount of calories that they consume and therefore, adhere and achieve success on diet plans. It is no different then those who are addicted to tobacco, alcohol, or recreational/designer drugs. Most of those people who decide to make the change for a healthier lifestyle need some chemical or habitual substitute or crutch to abstain from use permanently.

      • Samantha C. says:

        I agree that there are some people who would initially benefit from a product like Slimful that caused them to learn to eat less. It’s like a temporary version of gastric bypass. But even with those patients, to really see the weight loss and change in health that they desire, they have to learn how to eat healthy. My uncle had the surgery and wasn’t losing much weight until he changed his diet habits. While this product can definitely send people down the right path, only being able to eat half of a cheeseburger instead of a whole cheeseburger, won’t improve their health in the long run. I think there needs to be more nutrition education in this country so people don’t have to rely on products.

  5. tessa says:

    This commercial drives me insane every time I see it! I hate all weight loss/diet/etc commercials, but this one is by far the worst.
    I’ve had to mostly stop watching TV because nothing can screw up my trying to recover from an eating disorder like a commercial telling me that “eating less is a beautiful thing!” while I sit and attempt to eat my lunch.
    Ugh. I wish it were possible to block certain ads, kind of like on facebook.

    • Samantha C. says:

      It’s definitely extremely hard with all of those products and diet ideas out there. From the food itself, to the way media portrays it, America definitely needs an overhaul in the food industry. Good luck with your journey!!

    • L.F. says:

      Tessa, you said it perfectly. The ad makes me so angry! This is so triggering for anyone in eating disorder recovery. Awful ad that I hope is discontinued immediately.

  6. Rae says:

    Its to each its own, whatever works for that person…its like a choice of PG products or Nestle, Walmart or Target…we can rant on and on, there will always be some postive and negative to everything we consume, choice of live, and the saga continues…..
    There is something for Everyone…Enjoy your life, and try to make better choices, one day at a time…Rather you’re a JC, WW, NS, organic, etc…do the very best you can…Have a Great One! :-)

  7. salon says:

    Thanks for posting. I love a lot of the responses also.

  8. Lee says:

    Well hooray for you. However, when you are much older person with a bowling ball on her soon-to-be raisin frame, you will try anything to affect it. If it please God works, then I will be glad to try anything short of sodium cyanide! So far, I seem, to have a little heartburn from my first Slimful whatever it is. Morons even know to eat fewer Twinkies and more salad. I do all that trendy stuff, and still have that stubborn bowling ball I could fix with 5000 or so dollars that I don’t have. So, Slimful it is until further notice. Good luck with your tofu or whatever.,

  9. Church Girl says:

    Wow! Ur rant just set me straight!! I was considering buying Slimful until I read this. Jehovah God knew what He was doing when my metabolism was made. THANK YOU!!

  10. rachel says:

    Well after I had my daughter 9 months ago I got on the depo shot. It makes you gain weight, slows your metabolism, and increases you’re hunger. So something like this (since I am gaining weight) will help me cause I do snack a lot and want to eat alot. I do go to the gym as well so it seems like a helpful product for my case.

  11. SupPeeps says:

    Was at 220 (male). Ate hostess snack cake things for 6 months. At 180. Blood pressure is down, healthier all around. Granted I did workout 2-3 hours a day. Don’t need to eat healthy to lose weight. You do need to eat healthy to lose weight in a healthy way and improve lifestyle. I only did hostess thing as experiment. Gonna drop next 30 lbs on a pure healthy diet. Those things are fine if it works for people.

    • Samantha C. says:

      The reason you probably lost weight even on hostess is because you probably ended up cutting your carbohydrate intake. It’s proven that increasing carbs even with calories blocks your body from using any fat as energy and you’ll end up plateauing. But good for you with your dedication and weight loss!

  12. Your rant sucked balls. Listen fatty, quit your bitchin. Quit stuffing your face with pie and chicken wings and maybe you’ll lose a roll or two.

    peace out fatty

  13. Jared E says:

    I can’t say I agree. There is substantial proof that pure calorie reduction works perfectly well for weight loss and maintenance.

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  15. Gaining 6 to 8 lbs a month. Talked to doctor. Supposedly no diabetes or thyroid issues. Really beginning to scare me. The only way I can lose weight is shakes 3 times a day. No regular food. I’ve tried and tried. Tired of the fat. I was in ballet (en pointe) over 23 years. Taught dance, active. Now, all I want to do is eat and sleep. Not depressed!! I want my ballet and body back. Yes, I’m 38, female, but that doesn’t mean I should feel and look horrible. Desperate.

  16. Benjamin says:

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    So that’s why this paragraph is amazing. Thanks!

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